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The NCSHRM State Council does not have a general membership that one can “join”, but rather is comprised of elected officers and appointed core leadership directors, ad-hoc directors, and chapter president's across the state. These members are elected or appointed after having served successfully in a local chapter leadership role. General membership for HR professionals is at a National level through SHRM and at a local level. For for information on joining SHRM go to: To find a local chapter near you click here.

 If there is no general membership in NCSHRM, then what does the NCSHRM Membership Team do?

The NCSHRM Membership Team is dedicated to helping HR professionals in the state of North Carolina get and stay connected with SHRM and their local HR Chapter. We do this in a variety of ways:

  • Distribute monthly SHRM membership metrics by local chapter across the state
  • Work with SHRM to make sure the Members-At-Large (MAL) listings by zip code are accurate and up-to-date to include all zip codes in NC
  • Host MAL and Local Member Only (LMO) events to promote SHRM and local chapter membership while providing professional development opportunities for HR professionals across the state
  • Track MAL and LMO metrics for the state and report progress in increasing membership in those areas.
  • Serve as a liaison between SHRM and local chapters on membership related issues and initiatives
  • Promote local chapter membership, open house events and membership drives through communications and at the annual NCSHRM State Conference