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HR Certification
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Maintaining your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP can come from many resources. All of these things make you a more solid HR professional. If you're feeling uncertain about how to earnthe required 60 PDCs, here are a couple helpful thingsto remember:

Advancing Your Education with SHRM Activities

All SHRMconferences
, seminars and eLearning programs that you attend will be automatically* uploaded to your SHRM Certification Portal, so you don't have to enter anything yourself.

Work Projects and Recertification

SHRM recognizes the value of your workplace activities and we encourage you to analyze and reflecthow you're putting your chosen continuededucation resources and gained skillsinto action day to day.Earn up to 20 PDCsfor work projects that support your organization and provide opportunities to advance your capabilities in the HR competencies. For credit include the following with your recertification application:

A clear definition of the project objectives and how the desired outcomesaligned to your organization's needs. Include supervisorverification.

A brief description of the project and your level of involvement.

How the objectives were met or supported.

Which HR Competenciesapplied and how they were used to achieve the project goals.

If you haven't already(and you want to avoid surprises later),
begin your recertification journey»

*Please e-mailrecertification@shrm.orgif you do not see your activities uploaded to your Certification Portal.

Hank Jackson wants to share with you how your SHRM certification has met the highest standards of certification programs – a status that validates the quality and credibility of your professional designation.Last year, SHRM announced that both the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP certifications were awarded accreditation by the Buros Center for Testing – a milestone achievement for HR certifications as well as SHRM-certified professionals. Buros reviews or accredits many well-known educational and licensure testing programs for professions including physical therapists, educators, and other health care providers.We want to make sure you understand exactly what that means, and why it’s so important.

The Buros Center for Testing is the premier credentialing review center located at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Programs reviewed or accredited by the Buros Center are measured against the comprehensive Buros Institute for Assessment Consultation and Outreach (BIACO) Standards for Proprietary Testing Programs. This means that SHRM’s certification program – including its structure, policies and procedures – were assessed and found to have met or exceeded these rigorous standards for credentialing programs. That’s good news to the nearly 100,000 SHRM-certified professionals who proudly display their SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP credential and a major milestone for the profession.

As part of the accreditation process, Buros examined the integrity of the SHRM certification program’s governance and structure, to ensure SHRM’s certification program is administratively- and financially-separate from any education or certification preparation functions; evaluated SHRM’s test vendors; and reviewed SHRM’s certification protocol for any conflicts of interest.In addition, Buros conducted two site visits, one of SHRM and one of its exam development vendor, to verify the information submitted by SHRM in its nearly 2,000-page accreditation application.Not all major accrediting bodies include this type of rigorous, outside verification via site visits.For a period of six months, Buros reviewed SHRM’s program, policies and procedures for assurance that SHRM’s certification program meets the highest standards and was developed to grow and adapt to the professional requirements of the occupation that it serves – which is critical to a professional certification.

You’ve earned the global standard in HR certification and with that comes SHRM’s nearly seven decades of service to the HR profession and its commitment to maintaining the integrity, reliability and adaptability recognized by the Buros Center for Testing. It’s important to understand the value of your certification and we encourage you to research the facts about accreditation and your SHRM credential. The Buros accreditation is recognized by credentialing professionals around the world and will be a differentiator in HR careers. To learn more about the value of SHRM certification visit

To learn more about the Buros Center for Testing and their guidelines for accreditation visit